martes, 7 de octubre de 2014

Time to Work

It is time to write...

Hello, everyone! Yes, I'm still alive. I have been very busy and you have to understand that a busy Moni is a happy Moni.

I have learnt so many things about Biology and myself. The University is totally different that I thought. The Doctors (because everyone has a PhD) are like superheroes, especially one of them, who is super cool, his name is Raul Alva and he teaches us how to be a scientists, I'm so fucking in love with science. I don't know, it is a different way to feel superior to the other people. Some times, it's difficult to understand that I'm going to be a scientist and some people are thinking that I'm not going to do something productive. But on the other hand, I know that if I don't save the world or do something to help it, I'm gonna do a project to have a better city, at least.

I have had so much fun, some times it's stressful to be again in college, but it's ok because I'm happy to be stressed, it means that I care about it. I'm happy because I think I'm learning new things or making my mind work. There are some things that I still don't understand perfectly and, the bad things about our proferssors is that they talk a lot and about so many things related to the subject and it is too much information to assimilate. Sometimes I think that at the end of the class I'm not going to learn anything because it is too much to keep in my head (brain).

Anyway, I'm ok. I have new friends and some of them are ok but some others are just not ok. Now, I realized that the difficult part to be at the University is dealing with people. The people in the Uni are very selfish, and I can understand that it's maybe because they already have friends and they have a life or they have friends standards or whatever but, OMG they do not know how to work in a team! And because they are selfish, they do their homework by themselves and at the end no one does a perfect job because everyone does it in the way they think it's correct... I'm training them, because at this moment, every project or job is with partners and if they don't lean to work or deal with people, they are going to screw my university and their lives. The end.

This is a picture of what I've been doing these days. Growing bacteria and fungi. The first one is a fungi cultivation and it has bacteria too, the next one is a picture of what we saw in the microscope, there are cocobacilli, diplococcus and coccus. The third one is another fungi cultivation (with more fungi).

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