sábado, 17 de agosto de 2013

My New Favorite Girl

I met this girl on my lovely Instgrm and I really admire her. She doesn´t know me but, the importan thing is that I know her.

She is so pretty, smart and she is living the life I want to live on the beach. I have a crush on her! And the most importan is that she is always writing and uploading photos on her social networks. I don´t know if there is some person that write her blog, but I like her anyway.

Here is the link of her blog

The Girl Habit

and some pictures she took from Malasya (well, only the link)

Going to Tiger island tonight
Amazing day #eden

those pictures are the reason for my desperate need to go to somewhere far away and stay in the beach (again).

Her name is Leore Hayon but is most known like The Girl Habit

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